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Dr. Rolf

As a frequent international traveler, I have tried nearly a dozen sleep masks of different shapes, sizes and materials over the years. The Dreamlight Ease is - without a doubt - the most comfortable mask I have ever used. It’s not just the size and shape, but the contour of the mask as it rests on the face that makes the Ease an exceptional light-blocking solution. The company has really designed a product with perfect fit and one that is easily adaptable to an infinite number of faces. Bravo, Dreamlight!


I never realized how much ambient light affected my sleep until I started wearing the Dreamlight Ease. Within just a few days of regular use, I could feel a big difference in my sleep quality. Absolutely no light gets in! The mask stays put all night and really has a calming effect when I put it on before bed. Thanks, Dreamlight, for improving my sleep!

Olivia Arezzolo

Sleep Expert

Research shows as little as five minutes of light through the night (e.g. your partners bathroom visit) can delay your circadian rhythm by 2.3 hours. Overcome this with Dreamlight: a unique sleep mask with face mapping technology which distributes cushioning around the face according to where it’s needed most. Consequently, it blocks out 100 per cent of light, is likely to fit ‘just right’ and stay on all night long. Published in Body & Soul ‘4 Surprising sleep solutions that actually work’

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5.0 rating
March 6, 2021
Product : Dreamlight Ease

So incredibly lightweight and comfortable, my Mum has one too and after a lifetime of trouble sleeping, she wears this every night and swears by it. I love mine and will also be using for a long international flight, as well as meditation. So comfortable and doesn’t ruin your lashes!! Perfect!

4.0 rating
November 18, 2020
Product : Dreamlight Ease

Great product

5.0 rating
November 18, 2020
Product : Dreamlight Ease Lite

Very good. I have never slept so well.

4.7 rating
4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good33%

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