The Number 1 Reason You Can’t Sleep at Night – Light

As a sleep expert with over 9 years of academics, it’s my pleasure to share the number one reason you are struggling to sleep properly: light.

Signalling to our brains to be alert, light encourages the production of stimulating hormones serotonin; and suppresses the release of sleepiness hormone melatonin.

As a result, directly due to light exposure, you feel awake – even if it’s 11pm in the evening.

Until the introduction of artificial light, this wasn’t a problem – nighttime naturally meant that it was dark, which allowed us to sleep normally.

However, since the advent of artificial light, made worse by handheld devices such as phones and e-readers, we are constantly exposed to light – making it more and more difficult for us to sleep.

How detrimental is it, you might wonder?

Proof is in the pudding – the scientific pudding.

Study 1: Researchers found late night mobile phone usage doubles the likelihood of experiencing poor sleep. Further, for those users, 63% get tired the next day, and 40% report headaches.

Study 2: a team from Harvard Medical School comparing e-readers vs paper books users found e-readers are more likely to have a lower sleep quality, and be tired the next morning. Academics specified: ‘people should minimise light exposure in the evening’.

Study 3: Investigating the impact of just 5 minutes of light exposure through the evening – e.g. a bathroom visit from your partner, a clinical study found this delays melatonin release by a staggering 2.3 hours. This leads to the inability to sleep through the night, and greater morning fatigue.


The academics have spoken.

Needless to say – blocking out light is critical to getting your best night’s sleep.

A tried and tested way to do so?

A mask.

But rather than any mask – reach for a Dreamlight sleep eye mask.

Designed using facial mapping technology, the Dreamlight Mask technicians have curated ‘the perfect fit’. Cushioning your face where you need it most, the mask feels comfortable all night, meaning you keep it on – and keep the light out.

The Result?

Staying asleep easier through the night and waking up more refreshed.

Dreamy – right?

Olivia Arezzolo
Olivia Arezzolo is a Sleep Expert.
Her qualifications include: Bachelor of Social Science – Psychology; Cert Sleep Psychology; Diploma of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine; Cert 3+4 Fitness; giving her underpinnings of psychology, fitness and nutrition; which are then integrated into sleep.

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